Can’t wait for a few sessions in Fleadh Cheoil Derry Ireland: Jigs & Reels will be there..On every corner

Fleadh Derry 2013
Fleadh Derry 2013


Well this year has gone very fast, as it seems like we were only planning the Fleadh in Cavan 2012 a few months ago. A year on, and already getting ready to board a plane to Derry (Londonderry) City of culture 2013. There’ll be sessions on every street corner, in every pub and everywhere else you can squeeze a tin whistle into!! Singing will be heard until all hours of the morning and some people may not even find their own beds!
Map of Ireland Fleadh Derry 2013
Map of Ireland Fleadh Derry 2013
This year we are sharing a house with another 6 people (Making a sign of the cross as I type – actually they are friends, so should be fine—eeek!) apparently 5 minutes walk from the beach…!! what beech? Well to the city and I presume all of the best action. will be there handing out flyers and promoting our online learning of Irish music. In between this we have members who are in the competitions and will compete against some of the best traditional musician in the world. Good luck to everybody and may it truly be a brilliant festival.

We will try to keep posting updates over the weekend as and when we can. Even throw in the odd photo or three!!


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