One Year Irish Music Session Anniversary: Sunday 10th November The Bell Inn Nottingham Market Square

Irish session Nottingham
Irish session Nottingham

Well we cant believe it, the weekly Irish music session at the Bell Inn, Nottingham city centre was started on the 11th November 2012 as a “we’ll try 2-3 weeks and see how we get on” as suggested by the landlord Thomas Flynn. After such a great response from the Nottingham locals along with the many Irish contingents who went along to support the session, they are a whole year down the road and going stronger than ever. As word got around, musicians from Nottingham, Leeds, Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Sheffield, London, Grantham, Coventry and even Ireland attended along on various weeks. It was so exciting that from one week to the next you didn’t know who turn up!

What a result for a city centre pub that isn’t actually an Irish bar!! Thomas Flynn however is Irish descent as his parents were from county Mayo and he decided to put his neck on the line and give the go-ahead for a weekly session. The first few weeks had 3, 4 and 5 musicians but quickly built up to 30 plus musicians who joined in on numerous occasions. The session even drew in special guest including lord of the dance Irish dancers to the lead singer from the Saw Doctors, Davy Carton!! What a night that was!!

It’s a credit to the Nottingham team of Jigs & Reels who lead the session most weeks and Tweet, poke and Facebook as well as spread the word to everybody and anybody who would listen. If you are around on the 10th then get down to the Bell Inn for about 5pm for a great evening of traditional music, singing and dancing. The beer is great to so there’s no excuse!! Failing that the session will be still going strong on the build up to Christmas and into he new year so feel free to drop in anytime….You are ALL more than welcome.

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