45 Irish Session Tunes….Great New eBook on iBookstore

45 irish session tunes ebook ibook
45-Irish Session Tunes eBook

Download 45 Irish Session Tunes from the iBooks store NOW!

45-Irish Session Tunes eBook

A great new ebook available on Apple’s iBooks bookstore 45 Irish must have session tunes. This book is a fantastic resource with one page for each tune and the audio. Every tune comes with manuscript or sheet music, ABC notation and recorded audio in a medium and normal speed. The notes for each tune can be download as a pdf so you can build up your own library of tunes. From Come west along the road, Maid behind the bar, Sally gardens to Geese in the bog, My darling’s asleep, and Out on the ocean you will have all the popular tunes at your fingertips.

This book also teaches you how to understand the very simple method of ABC notes and there’s also a section on how to understand sheet music too. In all there are over 80 pages is this book making it great value for money.


Screen shot of the eBook:

The Galway Rambler ABC notes
The Galway Rambler Is a Great Session Tune

You can learn Irish session music quickly and easily with this eBook in front of you with everything you need at your finger tips! HUP!!


ps if you notice there are actually 47 tunes so an added bonus!! 

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